Diller Scofidio + Renfro Wins Competition at Aberdeen City Garden Project

The new york-based firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) is the winner of the international design competition. Extending into the encompassing urban context, the pathways are derived from relevant site lines to support park and cultural activities while merging the existing and contemporary layers of the city. placed upon a historic river site, the permeable parkland will reveal the multi-tiered archeology while connecting the city’s future as a technological hub for art, leisure and commerce. Continue Reading →

Does Arizona Have The Best Home Architecture?

wigwam hotel in Holbrook

Simple answer is: Whatever your tastes are is what is the best. Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of California have a specific architecture style that is unique and is appreciated by the Navajo Indians and the Aztecs of years before.Today the scorching heat of Phoenix and the Grand Canyon state makes a swimming pool a must have for any home owner. Continue Reading →

White Street Loft

White Street Loft10

WORKac has recently completed its most ambitious interior to date – a 6,000 SF loft apartment that encompasses a full ground floor, half a basement and one third of a sub-basement: an “inverse triplex” for a family of four that loves to entertain. Continue Reading →

Architectural needs and up coming of the housing complex,The Habitat 67

habitat67 1

Some projects are more special than others and this one makes no exception. Located inside an industrial building, the design of this office space is eclectic and spectacular. Originally composed of small partitioned offices and covered with false ceiling tiles, the assembly was removed and opened to create an open space with windows overlooking. Continue Reading →

KSR Architects to Design Pavilion for Camden Create Festival 2014


The image above shows KSR Architects‘ Camden Town Pavilion at the iconic Britannia junction outside Camden Town Underground Station in Camden, London. The local design practice recently won the competition to design the temporary pavilion for the town’s first annual Camden Create Festival happening May 13-15.

“Based in Camden, the practice is delighted to be participating in the festival, which aims to celebrate the existing community of creative enterprises in the area, and attract new businesses.vBrittania junction is a significant and key confluence of views and thoroughfares and the perfect location for an artwork that represents this hidden community. Continue Reading →