KSR Architects to Design Pavilion for Camden Create Festival 2014


The image above shows KSR Architects‘ Camden Town Pavilion at the iconic Britannia junction outside Camden Town Underground Station in Camden, London. The local design practice recently won the competition to design the temporary pavilion for the town’s first annual Camden Create Festival happening May 13-15.

“Based in Camden, the practice is delighted to be participating in the festival, which aims to celebrate the existing community of creative enterprises in the area, and attract new businesses.vBrittania junction is a significant and key confluence of views and thoroughfares and the perfect location for an artwork that represents this hidden community. Continue Reading →

HENN’s Winning Proposal for New High-Rise in Wenzhou, China

HENN was recently announced as the winner to design a new high-rise tower in Wenzhou, China. The new mixed-use building will be located in Wenzhou’s new Central Business District, which HENN’s Berlin-based design and research studio HENN StudioB was selected to design in 2010. Continue Reading →

REX Reveals Design for Middle Eastern Building Project


This is REX‘s latest project in vertical design. The international firm revealed the concept design of their “Media Headquarters Buildings” project for two sister companies in the Middle East.

Aside each structure’s stacked programs to fit its restricted footprint, the buildings convey references to local traditional Arab architecture. This includes the façades designed with geometric retractable sunshades that were inspired by the Mashrabiya pattern. Continue Reading →

Internet of Things & Smart Cities Offer Intriguing Prospects


The concept of ‘smart cities’ is based on government and private entities initiatives to revolutionize the construction industry. The principle behind the process is that smart cities are being envisioned through IoT (Internet of Things), which somehow discovers a route through networks.

IoT is also helping the construction industry evolve ‘software as services’ application through cloud computing, resulting in resource management within cities.

According to the estimates from the European Commission, nearly 100 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. The crux of IoT is that it allows the user to use any path or network in a service format. Continue Reading →

Honeycomb Resort Design for The Bahamas Unveiled

BIG, in collaboration with HKS Architects and Michael Diggiss Architects, revealed their design for the Honeycomb residential building in the beach and golf resort community of Albany in The Bahamas.

Commissioned by Tavistock Group and New Valley LLC, the 175,000 ft² (approx. 16,000 m²) residential building will be the tallest structure in Albany, set to become a new centerpiece for the city. Continue Reading →