‘Asian Cairns’ by Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is renown for taking on issues of urbanity and reframing them within an ‘eco-vision.’ His recent project ‘Asian Cairns’ takes aim at recurring mass rural exodus and unrestrained urbanization by proposing sustainable ‘farmscrapers’ that produce more energy than they consume via food production, wind harnessing and solar power. Continue reading ‘Asian Cairns’ by Vincent Callebaut Architectures

‘Hydrogenase’ by Vincent Callebaut

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut’s latest project, ‘Hydrogenase’ offers a dynamic result. It aims to create a self-sufficient organic airship. This conceptual transport system would be comprised of airships that produce biofuel from seaweed. The project draws its inspiration from nature, as well as from the qualities of its materials and its self-manufacturing processes. Continue reading ‘Hydrogenase’ by Vincent Callebaut

‘Physalia’- Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut describes his ambitious project called “Physalia” as followed:

“More than one billion of people do not have any access to drinking water. Three thousands of people die everyday from having consumed polluted water. The water is thus not a good. It should belong to everybody. Many non governmental organisations as well as the PNUD (Programme of the United Nations for the Development) fight for the idea that water is a “common good”. It must be highly considered and be part of a different management that is not commercial, connecting public and private organisms not only in national and regional frameworks but also on the worldwide scale inside UN or a new specialised “ad hoc” institution. Continue reading ‘Physalia’- Floating Garden by Vincent Callebaut