BIG’s Winning Entry for ‘EuropaCity’ just Outside of Paris

Danish firm BIG has won an international design competition for a new green-roofed city, currently in the works for the suburbs of Paris. ‘EuropaCity‘ is a massive sustainable project topped off with a huge park that will combine the urban density of Paris with the bucolic setting of the suburbs. Intimate streets, connections to the metro, trains and adjacent highways as well as a connection to farmland will differentiate this master-planned city. It will combine all the convenient amenities of living in a city (like shops, offices, culture and activities) with the healthy qualities of living in the country. Continue reading BIG’s Winning Entry for ‘EuropaCity’ just Outside of Paris

MÉCA Bordeaux by BIG

Team BIG+FREAKS freearchitects, dUCKS scéno, Khephren Ingénierie, VPEAS, ALTO Ingénierie, Vincent Hedont, PBNL, Mryk & Moriceau, Ph.A wins the competition to design a new 12 000 m2 cultural center on the riverfront of Bordeaux, merging three cultural institutions into one single building.

The new Maison de l’Économie Créative et de la Culture en Aquitaine, MÉCA, located on the historical riverfront of Bordeaux will house three regional visual and performing arts agencies FRAC, the ECLA and the OARA in one single institution. The Regional Council of Bordeaux selected the winning team among proposals from SANAA, the Toulouse-based firm W-Architectures and Bordeaux-based FLINT. Continue reading MÉCA Bordeaux by BIG

Parisian Nursery and Housing Project by ecdm

Paris is rife with peripheral urban areas that contain a mix of styles, typologies, time periods and varying levels of decay, which add a rather tough parameter when approaching a new design. situated at the foot of a 13-storey overbearing building, the nursery and housing project processes its heterogeneous site and translates the various elements into the stark white resultant structure. Designed by French practice ecdm, the project contains two levels and collects as much sunshine as possible to illuminate the interior spaces that are inhabited by children and adults alike.

The most striking element is the seen before even entering the building, a precast concrete facade that protects the interior from the rough urban life. Like organically undulating points on a regular steel grid, the outer skin creates a completely unique look for the area, distorting and playing with light and shadow. The northern facade is dotted with windows oriented in different angles so as to accommodate the viewing pleasure of the children as well. Continue reading Parisian Nursery and Housing Project by ecdm

‘Pompidou Center Metz’ by Shigeru Ban

In 2003 Shigeru Ban, Jean de de Gastines and Philip Gumuchdjian won an international competition to design Pompidou Center in Metz, France.

The 12,000 m2 cultural complex includes 6,000 m2 of exhibition space all contained under the roof. Three rectangular, cantilevered boxes house parts of the Pompidou Center’s permanent collection in a climate controlled environment. Continue reading ‘Pompidou Center Metz’ by Shigeru Ban

‘Maison Ecorce’ by Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou

After working under names such as Renzo Piano and Dominique Perrault for almost a decade, French architect, Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou, recently opened her own practice. For her ‘Maison Ecorce’, translated to mean the Bark House, Issanchou challenged the preconceptions of traditional timber constructed residences to design a contemporary house with strong emphasis on design. Continue reading ‘Maison Ecorce’ by Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou