‘Kloden’ – Egmont High School in Denmark by CEBRA

Our friends from CEBRA shared their recently awarded Sports Center design with us.

The 3.5 m2 extension will incorporate handicap friendly solutions within a sports facility, as almost 50 % of the students attending Egmont High School experience some form of disability whether it be that they are blind, mentally challenged or an amputee. Entitled Kolden, the Danish world for ‘the globe’, the project reflects the fact the everyone is welcomed in the facility. Continue reading ‘Kloden’ – Egmont High School in Denmark by CEBRA

‘Iceberg’ in Aarhus, Denmark by CEBRA + JDS + SeARCH + Louis Paillard

In 2008, JDS/Julien De Smedt Architects and Aarhus-based CEBRA, in collaboration with the Dutch firm SeArch and French architect Louis Paillard wins the competition to build a 25,000 sqm housing complex in the new Aarhus Docklands development.

Called ‘Iceberg‘, the 21.500 m2 project features mixed dwellings types and commercial space. The project receives its jagged heights to allow better views toward the ocean and better daylight conditions, and the tops and bottoms are shifted so that views between the volumes become possible. This breakdown of the mass creates the potential for an “iconic” building for the harbor area, and one that, due to its form, creates its own skyline within itself. Continue reading ‘Iceberg’ in Aarhus, Denmark by CEBRA + JDS + SeARCH + Louis Paillard

In Progress: ‘Design Kindergarten’ by CEBRA

Danish architectural firm CEBRA has been designing several buildings for young users, and their new ‘Design Kindergarten’ attempts to break preconceived notions of “what a school should look like” as a way to pique children’s curiosity and creativity.

Still in progress, the daycare center’s organization is based around different “themes” that focus of specific activities -in this case art, design and architecture. This is somewhat new to the Danish model of daycare, as the building will turn into more of an educational preschool facility where knowledge is acquired, not though a formal lesson, but rather through play. Continue reading In Progress: ‘Design Kindergarten’ by CEBRA