Gary Chang’s 24 Rooms in a 32sqm Apartment

Architect Gary Chang’s apartment is located in downtown Hong Kong, and represents a remarkable example of interior refurbishment. With only 32 sqm, Chang studied the different distribution possibilities to optimize his space.

Chang has been living in this apartment since he was 14 years old. After his parents moved out, he tried a series of modifications:

Gary Chang was born in Hong Kong in 1962 and graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1987 with a degree in Architecture. He founded his company EDGE in 1994 and his commercial commissions include clubhouse, retails, hotel, restaurant, office, yacht and aircraft interiors as well as product designs.

The Suitcase House at the Commune by the Great Wall, Kung-Fu Teaset for Alessi and Gary’s own Apartment in Hong Kong are the representative projects amongst his designs.

Some background information about the architect:

Chang has won many awards in Asia and across the globe for his architectural, interior and product designs. Gary held his first solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2000, and his works were shown in the “Cities on the Move” Traveling Exhibition 1997-1999 and the Archilab 2001 in Orleans, France. He was among the first group of representatives from Hong Kong to be invited to participate in the International Biennial Exhibition of Architecture, Venice in 2000 and 2002.

Over the years his involvement has increased to giving keynote lectures at conferences and various institutions around the world and has planned and published a series of literary and academic works.