Does Arizona Have The Best Home Architecture?

wigwam hotel in Holbrook

Simple answer is: Whatever your tastes are is what is the best. Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of California have a specific architecture style that is unique and is appreciated by the Navajo Indians and the Aztecs of years before.Today the scorching heat of Phoenix and the Grand Canyon state makes a swimming pool a must have for any home owner. We love the architecture designs by Aquaview and their Arizona Glass Pool Fence designs that act as an invisible glass or see through to your pool or patio. With an infinity pool up in the mountains this looks magnificent and is also a safety feature that home inspectors love.

Architecture tends to be unique to a geographic location but has influences throughout the world. For example the Chrysler Building and the Empire state building are in Art Deco fashion but yet South Beach in Miami, Florida ran crazy with the concept until they ran out of money. The design actually hails from Europe not New York but is thought of as a Miami Beach staple. The wigwam hotel  in Holbrook, Arizona is a design staple that was destroyed by the creation of the interstate highway system but the National Park Service saved a location so we can still awe in appreciation of the unique architecture designs that Arizona promotes.