Conceptual Masterplan for the World EXPO 2015 in Milan

Before an audience the teamworking architects Stefano Boeri, Richard Burdett, Mark Rylander and Jacques Herzog recently illustrated the developmental and stylistic lines and creative principles that will shape the area where the Milan World EXPO 2015 is to take place from 1 May to 30 October 2015. This marks the first step in the planning process that will lead to the realization of the challenging project dedicated to the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, which EXPO 2015 will bring to the world’s attention.

Working with the theme, the exposition will be a planetary botanical garden that will ‘feed Milan literally, spiritually and intellectually.’ The architects created the framework for the exposition and organized an orthogonal bridge that contains an agrofood park and is surrounded by water ways.

The idea for this planetary botanical garden is based on the Ancient Roman urban plans that included twin axes (the cardo and the decumanus) with a central forum. The two axis create a grid of spaces where some will be developed by the exposition, and other spaces will be give to individual countries to design.

In the new plan, the first axis includes a 1.4 kilometers long boulevard where visitors can walk or bicycle, and a second axis that will reflect the geometries of the surrounding farmlands. In place of a forum, a large planetary table will allow people to rest, while looking at the pavilion and sampling the food produced and offered by the different countries represented.

The five architects also rethought the water ways ‘to focus attention and resources on the reclamation and redevelopment of public and municipal farmsteads.’ The network of canals that run through the countryside will extend the living energy of the expo site to areas beyond its immediate boundaries.