APAP Open School in Korea by LOT-EK

Due to be complete this month is APAP open school, Korea by American firm LOT -EK.

From the architects:

‘At ground level, the footprint of the shipping container structure becomes a public amphitheater taking advantage of the existing sloping topography. The amphitheater lower section connects to the existing stairway and offers a viewpoint along the river edge. The upper section, reaching a higher level, engages the large monitor of the open school for public viewing of the exhibition content.

The second level, lifted 3 meters above ground, is an assembly of eight shipping containers that house the operations of the open school. Carved out of the hovering containers’ interior spaces, the program includes one large, open, multi purpose space that functions as a meeting assembly room, an exhibition space and a work area for the open school researchers, as well as two studios for the artists.

Large glass windows close the containers’ short sides allowing cross views along the north east and south west axis the two front walls, along the north west axis, at the most dramatic overhang of the structure, are pierced with a series of peep holes. Located at different heights to be accessible for kids and adults, the tubes have different angles to frame different views within the surrounding landscape, focusing on natural and urban moments of its neighborhood. A stairway, contained within a shipping container, directs to the structure top level.

The third level is a long decked roof which stretches over the river offering views of the surroundings.’

Project Info:
APAP open school 2010
Location: Anyang River, Anyang, Korea
Building type: culture/exhibition/event/artist studios/office + outdoor amphitheater + deck
Project scope: commission
Client: anyang public art project – artistic director: Kyong Park
Size: approx 3000 SF
Schedule: expected completion June 2010
Consultants/engineers: structural engineer: Robert Silman Associates, USA
Midas IT, Korea