‘A’Beckett Tower’ by Elenberg Fraser Architects

Construction of the ‘A’Beckett Tower’ by Elenberg Fraser Architects started on site in February this year. The crane is now on site and up to Level 6 slabs have been poured, with the balance of the Level 8 podium & the forming of the 2 car lifts to be completed within the next few weeks. Service are beginning to be installed on the lower levels. Completion of the project is due February 2011.

The ‘A’Beckett Tower’ proposal will provide high quality residential apartment accommodation situated within the academic precinct of Melbourne CBD. The apartments will address the needs of professionals/academics with a desire to live and work in the city; while complimenting the level of eccentric design in this area of the city.

The autumnal screen facade acts primarily as a shading and privacy device to the apartments; however it also maintains a level of articulation which the precinct demands.